Our Handcrafted Texas Wines

Wines made in east Texas

We have made it our mission to produce quality, unique Texas wines from classic wine grapes grown primarily in our vineyards. We offer these wines only in our tasting room for your enjoyment in the beautiful, scenic and memorable setting amidst our vineyards. Our emphasis is on the quality of our wine and your experience when you visit us.


Two New Wines

Grown and Produced in 2016, then barrel aged in American Oak for 20 months. All here at Grand Oaks.

Estate Reserve Tempranillo

A medium bodied Spanish red.

Estate Reserve Mourvedre

A full bodied red famous across Spain and southern France.

Off-Dry White Wines

Laurena Blanc

Laurena Blanc Texas Made White Wine

So named because its lead grape, Chenin Blanc, was grown at Grand Oaks in one of our vineyards named for our middle daughter, Lauren. Chenin Blanc originated in the Loire Valley of France and is today one of the premier grapes of that region. It is known as one of the most adaptable white grapes in the world due to its ability to take on different characteristics based on where it is grown and how it is used by the winemaker. We have taken a dry wine made from our grapes and blended it with a sweet Blanc du Bois producing an off-dry wine with aromas and flavors of fruit, honey and quince. Pair this beautiful white, well chilled, with poultry, pork or seafood or enjoy it standalone.

Dry Red Wines

Padres’ Mesa Red

Texas Made Red Table Wine

This dry red table wine is a proprietary blend created here at Grand Oaks Winery. Its lead grape is Lenoir, aka Texas Black Spanish, known for its dark purple, almost black color and its unique red juice at crush. After softening Lenoir with Merlot, we add a carefully tested amount of Tempranillo for that taste of Old Spain; including flavors of berries, plum and tobacco. Finally a touch of our Blanc Du Bois lightens the wine and adds fruit to the aroma.


East Texas Vineyard Estate Grown and Produced Tempranillo

This is the classic, most famous and most widely planted grape variety in Spain. It is rapidly becoming the most widely planted vitis vinifera variety in Texas as well, due to its ability to withstand the heat and humidity of Texas growing and ripening seasons. It produces wonderfully rich, strong fruit flavors and aromas, and is characterized by its full body, dry tannins and smooth acidity. Our Tempranillo is a blend of wine from our vineyards here at Grand Oaks and other Texas vineyards plus an oak aged Oregon one.


Also known as Monastrell or Mataro this is a full bodied red famous across Spain and southern France. This wine is produced from grapes grown in our own vineyard. Mourverde is a rich, hearty, spicy wine with flavors of herbs, black pepper and blackberries.

Tres Bellezas

Classic southern Rhone Syrah, grown in Texas, softened by the velvety softness of California Merlot and finished with just the right amount of Grand Oaks home grown and produced Mourvedre. The result is a wonderful blend of these three beautiful wines which produce a dark and smoky, mysteriously soft taste of black currants and blackberry, balancing the tannins of Syrah and finishing with the exotic spiciness of Mourvedre.

Semi-Sweet Red Wines

C y M Sweet Temper

Texas red table wine

The result of our efforts to capture the balance of the two primary cultures of Spain, the Christians and the Moors, which have permeated the history of Spain over the last 500 years. We’ve merged the wines from our Tempranillo and Mourvedre grapes to capture this culture in this blend. When it is sweetened with Black Spanish and a small amount of Blanc du Bois, you have a semi-sweet red wine rich in aromas and flavors of blackberry, black plum, herbs and spices. We believe we have created a balanced semi-sweet red which Texans will fall in love with.

Padres’ Dulce Red

Our creation of a semi-sweet red table wine, blended by reversing the roles of Tempranillo and Lenoir in its cousin PADRES’ MESA RED. We begin with Tempranillo and its aromas of strawberry, plum and tobacco then add the dark cherry and smoky leather flavors of Black Spanish into a smooth red blend. This is then finished off with just the right amount of Blanc du Bois to achieve a slightly sweet wine which should pair well with spicier food or be enjoyed standalone.

Semi-Sweet White Wines

G. O. Tweet

Handcrafted Texas Wine G.O. Tweet

A wonderfully semi-sweet blend of Blanc du Bois, Viognier and Muscat Cannelli. This fine wine bursts with the flavors and aromas of fruits such as pear, peach, green apples, lemon and grapefruit. Blanc du Bois is a true American hybrid developed in Florida, so it flourishes in the hot humid climates of East Texas. We have 500 of these vines which are proving to be the most productive vines in our vineyards. Enjoy this aromatic wine either standalone, as a dessert wine or paired with foods that require the balance of a sweeter wine. We think you’ll love it and will want to TWEET about it to all your friends.