Our Story

Our Mission

We have made it our mission to produce quality, unique wines from classic wine grapes grown primarily in our vineyards. We offer these wines at our winery for your enjoyment in the beautiful, scenic and memorable setting amidst our vineyards or to take with you after your visit. Our emphasis is on the quality of our wine and your experience when you visit us.

Owners-Winemakers Carroll and Martha McHenry

Carroll and Martha McHenry

Our History

Grand Oaks Vineyards and Winery is located on beautiful rolling hills overlooking the Mineola Nature Preserve in East Texas amid forests of pine, cedar, and hardwoods including many oak varieties. Our hillside vineyards began in 2006 when they were cleared from the forest with several grand old oaks left adorning our site and inspiring our name.

April 2007 saw the experimental plantings of 11 varieties of wine grapes which were then slowly winnowed to those producing the finest grapes in our unique soils and microclimate. We have selected seven varieties for commercial plantings and began growing our current vineyards in 2010. We now have over 1,800 hand planted and nurtured vines with the latest being 130 young Malbecs. Most of our varieties have lineages to the great wine regions of Spain and France allowing us to bring some of the classic ‘old world’ wine characteristics to East Texas with a modern wine making approach. ​

Planning for our winery began in late 2012 after the successful harvest of our first full year of grape production. Construction began in May 2013 and culminated with opening for the general public’s enjoyment in May 2014 offering a number of wines built around and upon those 2012 grapes.

‘We now offer wines which begin with grapes from our 2013 and 2014 harvests. Come visit us…tour our vines…taste our wines….and create a memorable wine event for yourself and your family and friends. We’ll enjoy seeing you and drinking wine with you!

The Grandest Oak

Wine is bottled poetry.Robert Louis Stevenson